Serving the terminally  ill  homeless


Inc. a 501, c, 3 nonprofit was established in 1989 to reduce health disparities and to improve the quality of doctor/patient communication necessary to create patient-centered healthcare with shared decision-making. In 2015, HCRI, Inc. embraced a more focused mission – to reduce health disparities among the homeless population in the greater Sacramento area and to create a hospice house for terminally ill homeless men and women – Joshua’s House.

We use a community-based model that ensures local hospitals, hospice programs, Schools of Medicine, Social Work and Nursing, other non-profit organizations and city/county agencies serving the homeless are affiliated and working in collaboration with HCRI, Inc.

Additionally, we have a commitment to scientific research to provide data that demonstrates the need, effectiveness and value of services and programs developed for the homeless population.

As educators, we also offer internships, field practicums and faculty fellowships in street medicine and hospice work; and conferences, seminars and workshops to educate the public about homelessness and health issues. 

Equally important, Joshua’s House would serve to significantly reduce healthcare costs while providing quality hospice care to those in the homeless community.

Stephen Watters

Executive Director, First Step Communities