Serving the terminally  ill  homeless


by | Jun 15, 2018 | NotBeingUsedPulled

For nearly 30 years, Sister of Mercy Libby Fernandez has served Sacramento’s homeless, volunteering at homeless shelters, ministering six years at Mercy Housing, and 18 years at Loaves & Fishes, and as the executive director of that homeless shelter for 11 of those years. In 2017 Sister Libby founded Mercy Pedalers to relieve the misery of the poor and homeless by offering care, dignity and respect.

 “The poor need help today, not next week.” Catherine McCauley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy

For Sister Libby, Mercy Pedalers is a ministry of presence: “I found being present in the moment, sharing a cup of coffee together, and calling the person by name are the most important gifts one can offer.” It is a simple concept. Build trust and relationships in the homeless community. Once trust is established and the individual has a sense of his or her own dignity and worth, then the next step is to build on the relationship and offer resources that may help the individual get off the street. In less than a year, the number of Mercy Pedalers has grown to approximately 50 volunteer cyclists.

Sister Libby says, “I have seen too many men and women suffering and dying alone on the streets. Joshua’s House will bring comfort, love and companionship along their journey of life to death.”