Today seems to mark a period in the history of this country that will result in systemic change in our culture related to racism/civil rights while we are also dealing with severe economic changes as the result of a major COVID-19 pandemic. We are seeing the impact of all of this with a significant increase in homelessness in California as well as the rest of our country.

Black individuals are disproportionately represented in the homeless population in our community and over 40% of all people experiencing homelessness are older than 44 and one in five are older than 54; 62% of homeless individuals identify as male.

In California, which already has the largest homeless population in our country, Governor Gavin Newsom predicts that the unemployment rate will hit 24.5% this year. That means more men and women will become homeless as well. 

Shelters are not being built, housing for the homeless is sparse and for those who are homeless and terminally ill, they are dying on our streets in increasing numbers. 

Joshua’s House Hospice is a highly needed resource and it will be a permanent service in our community without the need for ongoing funding to survive and will serve 20+ terminally ill homeless men and women at any one time, giving them comfort and hospice care, shelter, food, clothing, love and support. 

We will save our local health care systems and the city and county of Sacramento millions of dollars in ER and ambulance costs! And we will be the first hospice home for the terminally ill homeless on the West Coast!

Please help us achieve this goal by sharing ideas about raising the final dollars needed for the construction of Joshua’s House Hospice or make a donation today so we can open in the early spring of 2021! 

Please let me know how you can help! We can’t wait any longer.

Thank you for caring.

Marlene M. von Friederichs-Fitzwater, MA, Ph.D., MPH


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