Scott Kirchner is a man of many talents. Not only is he known as Dr. Kirchner (Cap’n Bob to his students) in the Communications Studies departments at Sacramento State, American River College, and Sierra College, he’s an accomplished jewelry maker as well. As owner of SKwearableart, he’s been able to bring together his talents, passion for travel, and giving back to the community.

To fully understand what he’s about, you have to know a key fact about Scott’s past. In the late 1980’s after separating from the military, he became homeless for 3 years. This is what drew him to become involved with Joshua’s House Hospice. Scott met our founder, Marlene, while they were colleagues at Sac State. They became friends, shared stories, and the strong core belief that people who are homeless have a right to die with dignity.

Giving Back

When Scott first began crafting jewelry, about 20-25 years ago, it was just a creative outlet. He shared his work by giving to family and friends. In time, he expanded his signature pieces and started to develop a following. He began donating to art exhibits and auctions on occasion and considered it his “grassroots way to contribute.” Scott feels very strongly that we can all do our little part to give back and make a difference, and he encourages everyone to find their own way of doing just that.

Joshua’s House Hospice is so grateful that Scott has decided to donate to us by giving a portion of the proceeds from his jewelry sales via his Etsy store. In the store he offers a selection of unique and beautiful necklaces, many made from materials he’s picked up while traveling. Some of the exotic locales he has visited include India, Nepal, Mexico, Peru, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam. In those places he’s acquired distinctive elements to create with like bodhi & lotus seeds, hand carved stones, and a variety of precious stones such as emeralds, star of India, and star ruby. Each item has a “story,” which is told in the Etsy description.

Support Us

Scott calls his jewelry “wearable art” and you really must see the pieces to fully understand what that means. They are truly one-of-a-kind creations, stunning to look at, very well made, make a statement, and are great conversation starters! We celebrate Scott, his talent, and his commitment to doing something important and meaningful by using that talent in a positive way. As his online bio states, “A firm believer in humanity, Scott is always encouraged to see that everywhere he travels people are kind, patient, curious, and generous.”

We thank Scott and encourage you to support Joshua’s House Hospice (and Scott) by purchasing a piece, or two…or three! It’s the perfect time to start shopping for the holidays or pick something up for yourself. Find SKwearableart HERE.

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