To all the “Heroes for the Homeless” who generously donated to the 2021 Big Day of Giving for Joshua’s House Hospice – thank you from the bottom of my heart! The money raised from this annual event means that we will be able to add more resident rooms for those who are terminally ill and homeless – providing shelter, meals, clothing, hospice and comfort care to those who would otherwise die on the street or along our rivers.

It has been such a battle to get past the COVID-19 pandemic with the stoppage of building permit activities, increasing costs of property and building supplies and the lack of affordable property. We have suffered through having COVID-19 and caring for loved ones with it. We have missed seeing and being with our supporters, our Board and Community Advisory Committee members and our many volunteers!

Today, we are celebrating the sense of community and unity that the Big Day of Giving provided to us this year and the generosity of all those who made donations! Now, stay tuned for our announcement of the grand opening date of the first Joshua’s House Hospice site in our area.

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