This past week, news of the spread of coronavirus and of turbulent financial markets has dominated the media and our thinking. As crises like these take center stage, focus on our organizations’ missions can often take a back seat. But, sadly, homeless individuals across the state and the country are suffering even more now than ever before. They are living unsheltered in difficult weather and faced with the risks of more illnesses and much less access to health care in the midst of COVID-19!


We are helping where we can to address the daily concerns of our homeless men and women during this chaos. And at the same time, we also continue our hard work to raise the money we need to get Joshua’s House Hospice open in our community this year!


The City of Sacramento is now committed to addressing the COVID-19 virus and to help those individuals and businesses experiencing economic devastation caused by the virus. In turn, it appears that moneys intended to help those experiencing homelessness while dealing with end of life issues are being diverted to the coronavirus pandemic.


It is important that each of you act responsibly, stay safe and healthy – try not to panic – and stay connected via emails, text messages, and phone calls. We also invite your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts about how we can continue to mindfully raise the money we need to complete construction of Joshua’s House Hospice in order to provide the hospice care so desperately needed by those experiencing homelessness.


Marlene von Friederichs – Fitzwater


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