by Marlene M. Fitzwater

Amber Celmer, Executive Director, HomeAid Sacramento

HomeAid Sacramento, established in 1996, is a local affiliate of HomeAid America. They are one of 19 local affiliates across 13 states. They work together with the members of the North State Building Industry Association to address the issues of people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

“HomeAid Sacramento is pleased to donate the costs we have incurred as our contribution to help keep the project moving along. We will continue the project coordination and permit processing, which HomeAid is paying our contractor to fulfill, until receipt of the site permit,” Amber Celmer, Executive Director, HomeAid Sacramento, said.

“The total estimated value of HomeAid Sacramento’s contribution to date is $32,370. This includes project coordination and permit processing, electrical engineering and coordination with SMUD, trash enclosure drawings/structural calculations, and landscaping (design review concepts, rendering, construction docs/irrigation plans, etc.,” Amber added.

We are extremely grateful for this significant contribution from HomeAid. We also want to specifically thank and acknowledge the contributions of Patrick McGuirk and the USA Properties Construction Management Team to Joshua’s House.

Patrick McGuirk from USA Construction