“My first experience with Hospice was while I was in nursing school in San Diego,” Aubree Watkins says. “At the time I did my rotation there, the San Diego Hospice provided free services for those who needed it, including children. It was a beautiful building and I felt privileged to care for the patients there. I became an ER nurse and often cared for homeless patients that suffered from chronic disease and terminal illness. Some came for services, some for warm shelter. Some were quite special.

“I quickly learned these people had the same basic needs as anyone else I knew: they were scared, afraid of being alone, and needed TLC. I moved on to San Francisco and continued to work in an Emergency Department with a high homeless population. San Francisco also had a lovely program, the Zen Hospice Project (no longer under this name), that I thought was a gem to the community. When I read that Sacramento was establishing a Hospice, I was elated to know that people living on the streets would soon be able to have a “home” for their final days.

“It’s so difficult to watch fellow human beings suffer. I know that a place like Joshua’s House Hospice will offer loving care, dignity, and peace for those who need it the most. I hope to volunteer there and see the amazing work that I saw being done when I was a student years ago.”

Additional note: Aubree is now helping to administer COVID-19 vaccinations.

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