Serving the terminally  ill  homeless


Joshua’s House, a hospice house for terminally ill men and women, will be located in approximately 11,000 sq. ft. of an existing building in Sacramento. This location was selected because it is near other services for homeless individuals such as Mustard Seed School for homeless children, an indoor pet kennel, a free vet clinic, a beautiful new Friendship Park and many other resources.

Joshua’s House will be on one floor with private bedrooms for 11 terminally ill residents with access to semi-private bathrooms, an apartment for a live-in house manager or couple, a multi-purpose room for activities and services, a large commercial kitchen and laundry facility and lots of storage space. Five focus groups with 28 homeless individuals found that it was important to bring nature inside with greenery walls, water features, a lot of natural light, an atrium and colors like greens, blues, yellows.

FLEX ARCHITECTURE developed the architectural plans and created 3-D color renderings for Joshua’s House in the late summer of 2016. Flex Architecture is committed to excellent design and hands-on client involvement. “Our approach requires thorough research, and we are committed to cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with our clients base on mutual trust and communication,” Bill Reid said. That made Flex Architecture the perfect choice to bring Joshua’s House into reality.

“Jim suffered multiple health issues and had spent much of his adult life homeless. He would have died alone on the streets in Salt Lake City had he not been referred to The INN Between, one of the five hospice houses for terminally homeless in the United States. He passed away peacefully on February 25, 2016, just a few weeks after his 60th birthday.” JIM’S STORY

A homeless person,, The INN Between, Salt Lake City, Utah