For the past three years, our founder & CEO, Marlene von Friederichs-Fitzwater has been partnering with UC Davis School of Nursing Master’s level students. During this past school year, the 2019/2020 team worked hard to develop the Policies & Procedures for the End of Life Doulas who will become trained friends and companions (“Friends Until the End”) to Joshua’s House Hospice residents.

Having policies in place to provide a standard of care for the sheltered terminally ill and to provide to our volunteers, is a critical step. The team used a variety of processes to collect data. They researched similar roles in other organizations, combined their research with materials provided by Joshua’s House, carefully crafted regulations that would take into consideration the diversity of volunteers and residents, and formatted the policy to fall within the Joshua’s House overall policy structure.

In conducting their research, these troubling statistics came to the forefront:

“They have been a great team to work with,” Marlene said. They also worked with Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia and Loralyn Taylor, PhD, faculty in the UC Davis School of Nursing. After a significant amount of time and effort, a draft was created and has been submitted to Marlene for final review and approval. We owe great thanks to these students for supporting the mission of Joshua’s House Hospice in this way!

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