Danny Schneider; Photo credit Alex Solca

Danny Schneider is a longtime musician and songwriter. He’s played big name clubs on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles such as the Roxy & Troubadour; he’s self-produced 5 CD’s and a vinyl EP; and he’s performed with his band, The Neon Flamingos, at numerous venues. His latest project, an album titled “On the Other Side of the Window,” has led Danny to delve into a new venture…fundraising.

First, let’s backtrack to the inspiration for the album. This is Danny’s recollection of the day he got the idea. Says Danny, “It was raining and very windy. As I hurried to my car, I ran past a homeless woman and her child. They were tightly huddled right up against a Coke vending machine! When I was warm and safe and tucked away securely in my apartment, I looked out the window. ‘You know,’ I said to myself, ‘on the other side of the window, that mother and child are still trying to keep warm, laying by the machine.’ It was at that moment I picked up my guitar and began writing ‘On the Other Side of the Window.’”

Danny had been working on the album for the past year, recording 9 songs. All of the lyrics and music are original and written by him. While in the process of recording the album, he happened to see a TV segment about Joshua’s House Hospice. It was that exposure that prompted him to come up with the idea to use his music to fundraise and support Joshua’s House. “I decided that I could press a special limited autographed vinyl edition of 100 copies of the album. Each copy will be sold for a gift donation of $100.00. Our fundraising target would then be $10,000 payable directly to Joshua’s House Hospice.”

We are so excited and honored that Danny chose Joshua’s House to benefit from his musical talent! We are grateful for this unique opportunity. And through this project, Danny hopes to inspire others to find their own special way of giving in support of Joshua’s House.

Currently Danny is in the process of developing a website dedicated to the project. The album release date has been set for August 31, 2020 on Territory Three Records. When the album is sold out, all purchasers will be invited to a private performance with Danny and The Neon Flamingos. Be sure to read our upcoming newsletter updates on the project to find out how you can get your copy!

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