Serving the terminally  ill  homeless


Homelessness is a major social problem and public health issue in America’s urban areas. As many as 3.5 million Americans experience homelessness every year and the numbers are increasing. Increasing housing costs in the greater Sacramento area will mean more homeless individuals and families. Homeless people “are also the sickest in our society” and age faster than sheltered folks. Learn more at:


The aging homeless are likely to experience rapid health decline and death, said Judy Hahn, the UCSF assistant professor who led a UCSF study on chronic homelessness.

The already-troubling health issues for older street people are not going to go away. They will just get worse, and we will see them in increasing numbers in our hospitals,” Hahn said. “If they don’t go into the hospitals, many will simply die from living outside…

Judy Hahn

UCSF Assistant Professor