Now that we’ve entered the month of April, our work in planning for Thursday, May 6th – Big Day of Giving (aka BDOG) – is in full swing! BDOG, the 24-hour online regional fundraiser, is another important component of moving forward in our journey to open. As you know, we’ve had a number of ups and downs within the past year and though our focus has changed to finding a new location and possibly opening more than one facility, continuing on the fundraising front is a must.

What can you do to help us make BDOG successful? Share, share, share! Did you know that 83% of Americans acknowledge that recommendations from friends and family members make them likelier to give to nonprofit organizations? Therefore, YOU are very important to the success of our fundraising campaign.

Please share our newsletter, social media posts, and let your individual community know that you support Joshua’s House Hospice. You have the ability to make quite an impact simply by doing these things!

Our goal for Big Day of Giving 2021 is $35,000 but we really feel that surpassing that amount is attainable with your help. We are so grateful for all of you – from those who have been with us since the inception of our project, to you who have joined us along the way! Below you’ll find a few details about BDOG to keep in mind:

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