The UC Davis Home Care Therapy team participates in a Global Day of Service every year in October.  The team understands that transforming lives doesn’t stop at the clinic (or in our case, the home).   In 2022, with the anticipation of Joshua’s House Hospice opening the doors, they gathered to make blankets.  Their hope is that these blankets provide some comforts of home for those receiving the love and support provided at Joshua’s House Hospice for those with housing insecurity at the end of life.

Blankets 3

The group photo includes the blanket making team: Erin Bjork, Tina Capozzola, Jolie Gonzalez, Kristen Krueger, Kelly Macy, Sharon Mackey, Joanne Galati, Laura Osecheck, Kate McFarland, Charlotte Norton, Jenny Lee and Kathleen Reisinger.

BLankets 2 2

In photo above, Erin Bjork, DPT, UC Davis Home Care Services; Sharon Mackey, DPT, UC Davis Home Care Services; Marlene Fitzwater, Ph.D., MPH, Joshua’s House; and Charlotte Norton, PT, DPT, MS, ATC, CSCS, Clinical Operations Manager, UC Davis Home Care Services.