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Joshua's House provides comfort care to terminally ill homeless men and women and access to quality hospice care.

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Raised $2.3 million to date.

$400,000 outstanding

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As a filmmaker and storyteller, I’m always on the lookout for remarkable people. I’ve discovered that they are everywhere if you just take the time to listen. Sacramento is no different.

I had been reading the news online like I always do. It was a typical news day and all the articles seem to imitate each other. Just as I was closing the browser window, a headline caught my eye. It said something about creating a hospice for the homeless.


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Johnny Gay’s Story

Johnny Gay left Sacramento in 2001 and moved to Louisiana and Colorado in search of work. He turned to alcohol, lived on the streets, and then was diagnosed with cancer.

david whitworths story

David Whitworth’s Story

Just before Christmas, I met with several homeless people at Loaves & Fishes who agreed to be interviewed on camera. They told us about the physical and emotional pain of living day to day on the streets of Sacramento.

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