Joshua’s House Volunteer Hospice Overview 

Joshua’s House, the first such facility on the West Coast, seeks to provide end-of-life comfort care for homeless individuals with terminal illnesses, after being discharged from an acute care hospital. Joshua’s House specifically provides a location for homeless patients to receive home-like hospice services when they, by definition, do not have a home to receive such care. 

In 2021, more than 190 homeless individuals died on our streets and along our rivers. About 20% of them had terminal illnesses, but because they were homeless, they did not have access to hospice care

A volunteer hospice like Joshua’s House is neither licensed nor directly regulated by the State.  Joshua’s House does not provide hospice care or skilled nursing services. Joshua’s House provides shelter, food, clothing and certain volunteer comfort services.  In addition, individuals that are licensed and associated with local hospital systems will provide hospice care and additional services to their patients staying at Joshua’s House. 

Joshua’s House operates as a volunteer hospice at no charge to its patients or their families. Joshua’s House does not bill or collect money from third-party insurance companies for services rendered.  Staff of Joshua’s House will be assisted by trained hospice volunteers, and funded through donations and grants.