Our Donors

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the following Donors whose contribution makes Joshua’s House possible.  


$100,000 TO $150,000

Kaiser Permanente Sacramento
Sutter Health (Pending)

$50,000 TO $100,000

California Health Care Foundation
Marlene M von Friederichs-Fitzwater

$25,000 TO $50,000

The George & Lena Valente Foundation


$15,000 TO $25,000

Key M Gist
Dignity Health
Sutter Health
UC Davis Health

$10,000 TO $15,000

Susan & Jerry Bereika Family Foundation
Tomi Ryan

$5,000 TO $10,000

John Fogarty
Carl Vandrie


$1,000 TO $5,000

Dr. Jose Abad & Elizabeth Welsh-Abad
David Earwicker
LuRetta & Ron Fairman
Dennis Hock
Ali Tucker Lichtenstein
Jose & Julie Martinez
Uptown Studios

$500 TO $1,000

Benita L Bollinger
Robert and Kathy Camarena
Scott Crosby
James Dahlman
Mila Dahlman
Sandora T Difiore
East Lawn, Inc.
Kyle Edmonds
Chris Fox
Maureen Gill
Julie Interrante
Paul Nielson
Heather Russell
Audrey G Sachs
Spiritual Life Center
Jean Wigglesworth
Joni and Ted Wun


$1 TO $500

Consie Kunst
Carol Abbott
Vicki Barr
Elizabeth F Bennett
Yvette Brittain
Diane Bush
Capitol Garage
Ryan Collins
Criter Cuts 4 Paws
Ray Damron
Maria L Damyanovich
Cecile De La Fuente
Robert B DeSaeger
Diane Duncan
Carol P Fong
Kerry Freeman
Ruth & Michael Goldman
Charles Grandelli
Beth Griffiths
Virginia Haradon
Brian Haulman
Sheri Lea Hofer
Dennis Huff
Maureen Hurley
Howard R Ives
Myron Jantzen
David & Joan Komaromi
Joseph Kozak
Joann J Lee
Julie Lester
Pam Logan
Denise MacDonald
Sheila Macias
Christi Manoli
Maria Martinez
Kathleen Masterson
Marilyn McEntyre
John McFadden
Rachel McGonachie
Rick McLeod
David Menees
Cemme Meyer
Richard and Davida Leong
Angela Mia
Wayne and Ellen Michaud
Lori Abbott Moreland
Silvest Morris
Richard (Rick) Nielson
Charlotte Norton
Pete Nowlen
Deborah Redmond
Linda Revilla
Barron Fong
Megan Ober
Patty Wood
Tisa and Donovan Lee
Jeff and Julie Ota
Don and Joey Lee
Diane & Bruce Rich
Paula Runion
Carla Sayklay
Cathleen Scharosch
Sheryl Scheeper
Winston Smith
Ted and Marielle Fong
Larry and Sandy Taing
Rainie Tabish
Christine Terbijhe
Andres Thach
Therapeutic Alternative
Daniel Thomas
Rikki Vitt
John Wagner
Maybelle L Whang
Marcia Williams
Tamar Wishnatzky
Denise and Shawn Yadon
Kevin T Young


Equally important, Joshua’s House would serve to significantly reduce healthcare costs while providing quality hospice care to those in the homeless community.

Steven Watters

Executive Director, First Step Communities

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