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It’s that time again! Big Day of Giving (BDOG) is Joshua’s House Volunteer Hospice’s most important fundraising push of the year! Joshua’s House’s role in the community is more important than ever, so this year we’ve set a fundraising goal of $50,000. We need your help to reach it!

Sacramento is seeing a dramatic increase in homelessness and the number of seriously ill and terminally ill homeless people continues to rise. Between 2019 and 2022, the homeless population increased by 67% to nearly 9,300. In 2022, more than 190 homeless individuals died on our streets and along our rivers and it is estimated between 20% and 25% of the homeless people die from a terminal illness such as COPD, cancer, and heart disease.

Your donations go toward providing Sacramento’s terminally ill homeless people with the compassion and care we all deserve at the end of our lives.

Slated to open this summer, Joshua’s House is focused on furnishing our facilities to prepare to accept and care for Sacramento’s terminally ill homeless people. That includes several items that your donations will allow us to purchase, including:


  • Washer and dryer set


  • Oven/range
  • Refrigerator


  • Sofa
  • Dining table


  • Cookware
  • Small kitchen appliance
  • Chairs


  • Flatware
  • Dishes
  • Rug


  • Kitchen towels
  • Bathroom towels
  • Curtains
  • Trash bins


  • Table lamp
  • Light bulbs
  • Closet hangers

The BDOG donation period starts April 20. If you are unable to donate money there are a number of other ways to help us achieve our BDOG goal. Simply interacting with others and sharing information about Joshua’s House goes a long way to expand our public awareness and fundraising efforts. Please consider visiting our social channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and sharing our BDOG content. Here is a list of actions you can take to help us spread the word and reach our fundraising goals:

Thank you very much for your continued support of Joshua’s House. Our mission of ensuring no one dies alone on the street is fueled by compassionate supporters like you.