Chris Headshot

Chris Erdman, Ph.D., MDiv, manager for the YoloCares Center for Loss & Hope, serves as Director for both the Center that he oversees now and for Joshua’s House. For the past year, he has been doing an excellent job leading the Center for Loss & Hope, and chairing the Ethics Council for the California Hospice Network (CHN). 

He holds a doctorate in organizational and missional transformation from Columbia in Atlanta. Previously a pastor of three large congregations, graduate school faculty member, and a missional consultant, he brings three decades of experience to his role of innovative and compassionate organizational leadership. 

Author of numerous books and articles, Chris also hosts the popular podcasts, Poems to Live By and From the Ground of Grief, both on Spotify. 

He enjoys cooking with family and friends, walks in the woods, dancing with his beloved, shorelines, old gnarled Juniper trees, dogs, yellow-rumped warblers, the scent of fresh lavender, and the wonders of his children, grand-dogs, and granddaughter.