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Chamberlain University College of Nursing is working with HCRI, Inc and Joshua’s House to provide students with experience in public health and the opportunity to give back to the community.

The university’s mission is “to educate, empower, and embolden diverse healthcare professionals who advance the health of people, families, communities, and nations.” Students in the College of Nursing can pursue different educational paths, one of which being Dr. Angie Strawn Campus President, Chamberlain University a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The degree involves studying theory and gathering clinical experience in community and public health. This is what led to the connection between Chamberlain and HCRI, Inc.

“Nurses today need to be able to deal with population health; not just the traditional thought of a sick individual in a hospital, but the many places out in our community where families and people who have health needs need to be cared for,” Dr. Angie Strawn, Sacramento Campus President at Chamberlain, said.

Joshua’s House will be a place where nursing students can gain clinical experience and learn how to connect with disadvantaged communities.

“It is obvious to our students how much input [at Joshua’s House] there is from the homeless community as to what their needs are. The students can really see in action how important it is to get input from the community and not just make decisions because you think you know best. That has been a really good learning opportunity for them,” Teena Evans, Community Health Faculty at Chamberlain, said.

So far, two students have helped at Joshua’s House with the Policies & Procedures Committee, and one of the students, Priscilla Catingub, will be continuing her efforts as the new Administrator for Joshua’s House when it opens in early 2019.
Until Joshua’s House opens, Chamberlain is collaborating with HCRI, Inc. and Sacramento Loaves & Fishes by offering basic health services at the Partners in Health & Wellness Clinic held at Loaves & Fishes on Tuesdays each week.

“Our students are there doing assessment screenings, providing basic education, and answering questions,” Evans said.

Being a part of these community programs isn’t just another degree requirement, though. These experiences are meant to prepare the nursing students for whatever they may encounter in their careers.

“Registered nurses are expected to be advocates for patients and they’re also expected to be advocates in terms of health policy,” Strawn said. “In order to practice that advocacy, which is part of their code of ethics, they need to understand where disparities are and how they can be a voice for the homeless, the disenfranchised, or others who represent inequity.”

For more information about Chamberlain University, visit https://go.chamberlain.edu/About.html.

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