Jeff Harris

Dr. Marlene M. von Friederichs-Fitzwater
Founder/Executive Director
Health Communication Research Institute
5025 J Street, #311
Sacramento, CA 95819

Dear Dr. von Friederichs-Fitzwater:

I write to convey my support for you and your effort to create a hospice care house for terminally ill homeless persons in our Sacramento community.

Life on the Streets is challenging for healthy able-bodied persons. Life on the streets with a terminal illness is difficult to comprehend. Many of us have a notion of what our final days could be like. We will be in a comfortable setting surrounded by loved ones preparing to say goodbye. For the homeless, it is a tragic time of survival and regret.

Joshua’s House will undoubtedly meet a need for quality hospice care for homeless men and women at the end of their lives. Instead of being discharged to the streets, as is the case currently, patients will be able to access Joshua’s house where they will be safe and comfortable. They will receive care that is appropriate and compassionate. They will also have the opportunity to connect with loved ones and to get their affairs in order with the help caring volunteers that will make their final days dignified.

I am moved by your commitment to create this organization and your reason for doing so. Losing a loved one as you have and channeling that grief into energy and focus are a testament to your character, humanity and abilities.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you over the last half year and I look forward supporting you in this effort.


Sacramento City Council member, District 3

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