“My interests in Joshua’s House (JH) are manifold. I’ve lived in Northgate Gardenland for 22 years and I think JH is a good fit for our community,” Liz Johnson, a new Board member for Joshua’s House, shares. 

As a board member, she believes that her primary role will be to represent the Gardenland Northgate neighborhood, to let the Board know what concerns members of the community may have, and most importantly, to assure neighbors that Joshua’s House will be a great neighbor and ultimately an asset to the community.

While Liz doesn’t have any experience working with the terminally ill, but she is somewhat familiar with hospice care and palliative care having just lost her father. She spent a few months helping him as his health declined.

She does have limited, but intensive, experience with the unhoused population. After she was widowed in 2014, she took in two young men who were living on the streets, one of whom stayed with her for eight months. After that, she let a few different people stay with her who weren’t on the streets but had nowhere to go.

Liz is politically active in Sacramento and has numerous acquaintances who are homeless advocates, so she has a good network of allies. She has donated time and resources to organizations who feed people on the streets

Her leadership experience includes serving on the Gardenland Northgate Neighborhood Association Board and being on the executive board of her union (SEIU 1021 Los Rios Employees, one of the most progressive unions in California).